The Emerging Risk Governance in Asia

image     Several major catastrophes rocked the Asia-Pacific region in the past decade. Some of these notable events include the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the financial crisis of 2008, adulterations of melamine and plasticizers, contamination of pesticides in dumplings, as well as fires and explosions in chemical plants. Governments as well as individuals suffered tremendous losses from these natural, man-made, and complex risks. Therefore, individuals and governments must prepare for a variety of risks, both anticipated or unforeseen.

     Risk governance (risk analysis), the emerging decision process, is necessary to deal with these hazards to protect the public and to minimize loss if the risk is unavoidable. Due to this significance, the 2014 Society of Risk Analysis-Asia (SRA-Asia) Conference, the first meeting held in Asia under the umbrella of SRA adopts risk governance as the theme this year. Experts around the world will be invited to share their expertise, experiences and wisdom. We are confident that attendants will benefit from these presentations.